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Your Custom Farm App
Designed for Farmers, Fishers and Ranchers

We want to help you better engage the customers who trust your farm. Enable your customers to browse your inventory, order in seconds, add deliveries or pickups to their calendars, access a map and directions with one-click on their mobile phone. Share special news, get in-app notifications of last-minute flash sales or special events and much more.

Built to elevate your brand, connect with your customers, and make ordering easy & frequent

Built for You

We build an app that will elevate your Farm brand with your customers.

Easy to Manage

Farm apps work with your existing social media, blog content, and website to reduce duplication.

Push Notifications

Send push notifications to remind customers of upcoming orders, flash sales, local events.

Order in 10 Seconds

Make purchasing quick and convenient for your customers.

Real-Time Inventory

Every order updates your Inventory in real-time so customers know exactly what is available.

Maps & Directions

Integrated calendar of events enable your customers to get a map and directions.


Custom Branding & Layouts

Tailor your Farm app to match your organization, practices and products. Beyond your logo and colors, we’ll help customize your Farm App home screen to reflect your image, products, options, features, and more. Your Farm app will allows you to communicate who your identity as a Farm!

  • Your logo and brand colors, your imagery and graphics

  • Customize your home screen based on available layouts

  • Select which features matter for your Farm

See our options for your custom mobile app:


In-App Push Notifications

Send a personalized message to your customers instantly! Push notifications are a great way to connect with your customers  throughout the week, share fresh-sheet updates, and encourage more frequent customer ordering.

  • Use push notifications to connect with your most engaged customers by writing customized messages

  • Encourage your customers to “meet you today” at the Farmers market, or share an update about the Harvest or a local event with a Chef

  • Prompt action and get people to order today, make a deposit, and browse new bountiful harvest recently added to your fresh sheet.

Contact your users whenever you want and whenever the need arises. Schedule your notifications to be sent on specific dates and times.


Ordering in Seconds

Traditionally, buying on phones and tablets can be frustrating. Nobody likes poking at their screens to type long card numbers, addresses, and other unnecessary information. Your Farm app enables your customers to save their details in their profile and order quickly and easily anytime thereafter. Once they have an account they can order through the mobile app, on your website, or through a link in social or email!

Order in just seconds on your iPhone or Android smartphone. You won’t find a more simple and effortless Farm App on the market!

Order Mobiole.png
Events Calendar.png

Events Calendar

Make sure your customers never miss a beat! Publish an events calendar to keep people informed and allow people to browse the calendar for upcoming activities. From seasonal events, fall harvests, holiday farm-to-table dinners, meet the growers, and onsite education and more, you can build loyalty to your farm.

  • Customers can share events and add them to personal calendars, register and more.

  • Reach your customers with the most important news and information you have to share.

  • Integrate your existing calendar or leverage the dashboard to publish your events directly
    Show full event details, maps, and more

  • Make it easy for users to add event to their personal calendars


Maps & Directions to Your Events or Pickups

Integrated events notification with your phone maps, make it easy for customer to get a one-click notification and directions to your destination.  

Let your customers find their path from anywhere in the world to the location you want. A feature which will guide them through the GPS of their phone and offer the appropriate path though Maps.

Mobile Maps.png

Integrated Social Media Content & Newsfeed

The most popular apps in the world offer an aggregated news feed that allows users quick and easy access to your content. Your Farm App should be no different!  Make your content easy to discover and interact with by consolidating it all into an easy to use, intuitive, and delightful social newsfeed.

  • Integrate Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube

  • Pull photos and videos into your native Farm App to make it simple for users to discover your great content

  • Add your blog, articles and publications into your Farm App to showcase your Farm practices, insights and expertise


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You Farm & harvest beautiful food, we’ll help you promote & sell!

We do the design work - you approve the look, feel and placement. We assemble your profile, fresh sheet, inventory and upload customer details. We help amplify your brand, presence and online experience for your customer.

You keep the inventory and pricing up-to-date and get products to your customers on time. You watch the orders and payments come in and enjoy the extra time and money!