Your Custom Farm Website

Barn2Door builds beautiful websites to help your Farm showcase your brand, improve market awareness and streamline ordering for your customers.

A Beautiful Website

We build websites that are mobile responsive.

Showcase What’s Available

Buyers shop real-time inventory and place orders online.

Drive Ordering Online

Save time and increase convenience for buyers.

Make it Easy to Pay

Accept all forms of payment, including pre-orders and deposits.

Streamline Communications

Connect web, mobile, social and email to deliver a consistent brand experience.


Harvest Template

Perfect to showcase beautiful product, while making it easy to find information about your farm. Ideal for farms that ship or deliver locally. 



Tend Template

Easy to include plenty of information about how food is grown or animals are raised, while also sharing multiple photos during a customers first visit to your site. Pull them in with a pictorial story!



Grow Template

Use this template to create a strong connection with your farm, with a single powerful image to pull them in and your farm’s name front and center. Perfect for farms who want to keep it clean, simple and encourage customers to shop.



Graze Template

For more established farms who don’t need (or want) to include as much info. A few bold, concise statements intrigue the viewer to go further into the site and shop. All information is simple and straightforward.



Plow Template

You grow clean food? Why not have a clean look and feel on your site! This is a great way to showcase specific items, detailing practices - and what makes your products special. 



want your Own Custom Website?

We do the design work - you approve the look, feel and placement. We assemble your profile, fresh sheet, inventory and upload customer details. We help amplify your brand, presence and online experience for your customer.

You keep the inventory and pricing up-to-date and get products to your customers on time. You watch the orders and payments come in and enjoy the extra time and money!