Our Mission

To help people buy & sell clean sustainable food

We want to change things. shake it up a bit.

We want to give sustainable, clean food growers an edge.
We want to empower folks to buy as local as possible.
We want to make high quality farm food easily accessible.
We want to make it simple to buy or sell clean, sustainable food.

Invite friends and farmers
You are doing a great service by creating a marketplace for our produce. I appreciate your advocacy on behalf of small farms and I want to support your work.

― Petrina Fisher, Skylight Farm

We are a tractor driven organization™

We aren’t about big corp, big Ag or big britches. We care most about the people in the seat of the tractor – those that spend time growing food with the highest quality practices, who don’t add unnatural things to our food and who care about the environment. We focus on what ‘in-the-seat-of-the-tractor’ folks need to manage an online store, engage customers and grow sales. Helping sustainable food producers succeed is what drives our organization, our platform development, priority charts, partner outreach and even our hires. Tractors first. Everything else follows.

Food Matters

Food matters to us. What food we consume matters. How food is grown matters. Not all food is created equal; we want to help promote the viability of clean sustainable food.

It matters what kind of food is grown, bought and eaten.

It matters if food is increasingly reduced to mono-crops versus a variety of breeds & seeds.

It matters [to our planet] how food is grown – our soil, water and air matter.

It matters if food is contaminated with chemicals. We think it's terrible folks wear HAZMAT suits to spray food and then sell that food for consumption.

It matters if everyone buys sprayed food at large grocery chains versus unsprayed food direct from growers.

It matters that animals live outside, naturally graze and don't need injections to ensure health due to living in sub-optimal conditions.

At Barn2Door we want to help farmers, fishers and ranchers - who don't spray pesticides or use hormones and who care about animal welfare and soil health - succeed.

Invite friends and farmers
..this is the next step in farm to table dining - allowing product to get to the consumer faster (and fresher) than ever before.

― Megan Coombes, Chef Aldstadt Restaurant, Seattle

About You

With your help, we can change things. Together, we can shake it up. Let's give sustainable clean food growers an edge. We’ll continue to build tools to help them connect with customers and sell their food…

Three things you can do to help: buy food, tell your friends and invite farmers.

Every time you buy food on Barn2Door, your money votes for that food and those growers. When you tell friends – and they buy food – they also vote for clean food grown with sustainable practices. When you invite farmers, ranchers, fishers, urban farmers, gardners, and foragers – they can grow their business and improve their likelihood of success.