Meet the founders

Janelle Maiocco
Chief Executive Officer
A serial entrepreneur and repeat CEO with 20+ years in food media, business development and marketing, Janelle has steep domain expertise across local food marketplaces, food+tech, agriculture, partner strategy and an unparalleled national food media and blogging network. Fun facts: Janelle is an urban farmer, trained chef, once butchered a deer & cycled from Amsterdam to Paris.
Crystal Hoyer
Chief Operating Officer
An experienced product leader for 11+ years across consumer technologies, mobile experiences, productivity software, program management and web services. Crystal has diverse experience running cross-functional technology teams from initial product creation through global growth. Fun facts: Crystal builds robots, hosts murder mystery parties, has a regular stash of vinegar brewing in her basement and enjoys San Juan Island camping.

Meet the team

Katherine Haines
Software Development Engineer
Danny Cohen
Product Intern
Shawn Hurley
Technical Advisor

Our passion

We believe people deserve transparency and easy access to sustainably grown food. We want everyone to easily find and buy the healthiest, highest quality, pesticide and hormone-free farm food. So. We created an ecommerce platform for food producers to showcase food for sale, with their own stores to manage direct online and local sales. Plus. We really want sustainable food producers to succeed. So. We don’t take margins and add no markups to their food. So. They make more money and have optimal chance to succeed.

Our mission

To leverage technology to enable access, relationships and transactions between sustainable food producers and buyers and to help grow a new, better food system that prioritizes local food and promotes sustainable agriculture.

Contact us

Please reach out to for media inquiries.

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