Refer a Farmer

Know a farmer who wants an easy-to-use website to sell their food? Help them find Barn2Door!

FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY: Farmers referring farmers receive $100 marketing credit* for each farmer referred [who opens a store and has their first 5 successful purchases].

If you are a not a farmer but want to recommend a farmer - so you can shop from them 24/7, see them grow their business, or to easily share their farm store with friends - you earn $25 farm store credit per farmer [who opens a store and has their first 5 successful purchases].

*Marketing Credits: Barn2Door spends $100 promoting your store. Promotions may include but are not limited to: special coupons to shop at your store, Facebook targeted ads, Google Adwords, Pinterest pins, blog post and newsletter mentions.

What farmers are saying about Barn2Door:

“You are doing a great service by creating a marketplace for our produce. I appreciate your advocacy on behalf of small farms and I want to support your work.”
---Skylight Farm

“B2D is truly a farmer first platform. And great place to shop to support local economy!”
---Bossy Acres

"We're thrilled Barn2Door offers a simple and predictable, low monthly fee… the more time we can save in the office, the more care we can give our coffee trees & customers!"
---Big Island Coffee Roasters

More information about Barn2Door:

Barn2Door is a farm food marketplace designed to help farmers save time, get paid, track customers and list products for sale through easy-to-use webstores that integrate online and direct local sales. A platform and not a middleman, Barn2Door takes no margin and adds no markup to food sales. To use Barn2Door farmers pay a small monthly fee ($10/mo).

Farmers can use their Barn2Door web store instead of building their own website, or use in addition to other, online sites. Barn2Door is an all-in-one ecommerce solution built specifically for farmers. Our mission is to be the go-to place for anyone wanting to buy farm food from producers they trust.

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