Biodiverse Features


Simplify your to-do list with our Farm software tailor-made for your biodiverse Farm. Whether you sell produce, livestock, fish, foraged or value-add products—we’ve got you covered. Track orders, manage payments and coordinate deliveries and pickups all in one easy-to-use place.

order sheet

Accept Deposits
and Preorders


Automate Your


Your Practices


Offer Delivery


Accept Deposits and Preorders

  • Collect all orders in one place, no matter the details required
  • Increase cash flow today with advanced deposits
  • Add convenience for buyers and consolidate inventory options
  • Specify custom cuts, quantities, and availability with ease
screenshot of cut sheets
pre-order item

Automate Your Inventory

  • Availability updates automatically as buyers shop
  • Save time managing multiple price sheets
  • Upload inventory with ease and in one place
  • Simplify the entirety of your sales process

Highlight Your Practices

  • Add key points of interest to your inventory descriptions
  • Improve brand credibility through sharing your practices
  • Reduce Q&A from new buyers
  • Promote yourself via an enhanced online shop
screenshot of carrots with only 3 left.
delivery options

Offer Delivery Options

  • List multiple delivery options in one place
  • Increase orders size with minimum thresholds for free delivery
  • Customers select what works best at checkout
  • Cut down time on your phone and email use