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small bunch of chives - to preserve, dice up and freeze. Easy to take-what-you-need from freezer to add to any meal.


Certifications: Non-GMO Project, Certified Naturally Grown

Practices: No practices currently listed.

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Shipping to: Washington, Oregon.
Costs: $5

Shipping to: California, Alaska, Idaho.
Costs: $10

Shipping to: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Dist of Columbia, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Kansas.
Costs: $15

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Meet your farmer
Burke Avenue Urban Farm

Burke Avenue Urban Farm

Tiny, urban chef-owned farm tucked into lower Wallingford. Find roaming chickens, seasonal produce, preserved items and piles of herbs grown in your own neighborhood! #redefininglocal Farmer Janelle comes from Dutch Dairy farming roots, is a trained chef and has a master certificate in food preservation. Farmer James, formerly an architect, crafted the chicken mansion, builds garden boxes, fences and loves to prune our new espaliered trees.