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Sockeye Salmon Burger

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Salmon burger is the sweet meat scraped from the frame of the sockeye salmon after filleting. It's perfect for making salmon burgers, tacos, and fish cakes. Individually vacuum packed in 1 lb. bags Skinless and boneless Nothing added- just salmon! Add extras and come up with delicious, super healthy salmon burgers An excellent, economical way to enjoy our favorite superfood, packed with heart healthy Omega-3s The flavor, texture, and color of our sockeye salmon can't be beat. Our salmon is hand picked, bled, and iced immediately. It's flash frozen hours within hours of being caught to lock in the "just-caught" taste. This processing method ensures it lasts for up to a year in your freezer. Our Alaska seafood is sustainable and tastes exceptionally delicious. Not sure how to cook salmon? No worries. Our favorite family recipes are included with every order. After you order, we will confirm the delivery date works for you.


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Smart Source Seafood

Smart Source Seafood

Smart Source Seafood is a family run fishing business based in Homer, Alaska. Each summer, we fish for wild sockeye salmon in Bristol Bay, the world's largest salmon fishery. We handle each fish we catch with care and take great pride in providing Alaska seafood of exceptional quality. We flash freeze our seafood within hours of being caught to lock in the super fresh, "just caught" taste. Our seafood is always wild, always sustainable, and always delicious.