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Local Heritage Pork Share

per 28 LBS (APPROX) 1/8 Pig Share
$5.36 / LB

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How to get your food:
1651 N 34th Street, Seattle , WA 98103
Thursday, March 30th
12:00 PM - 7:00 PM
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1/8 hog share translates to 25-30 LBS take-home meat (hogs' weights vary). Price will be approximately $5.50/LB (this includes all harvest, butcher, smoke, & curing fees). Expect about 1 grocery bag full of local, heritage, pastured pork. Your 1/8 share will likely include a mix of chops, roast(s), ham, bacon, hock(s), shank(s), ground - wrapped, labeled and frozen. All hogs are humanely born, raised and harvested on our farm; they enjoy rotational grazing and certified organic feed and pasture. Hogs are Hereford and Berkshire breeds producing clean, rich red meat with heavy marbling for moist, high quality pork. If you have special requests (for the pork or for delivery), feel free to email me: hogstead.info@gmail.com


Certifications: Certified Organic

Practices: Rotationally Grazed, Grass Fed

Pickup details

You will need to meet Hogstead at Acadia on Thursday, March 30th between 12:00 PM & 7:00 PM.

Here is further information on this pick up location:
1651 N 34th Street, Seattle , WA 98103

Hogstead is excited to deliver food for pickup at Acadia - please buy a coffee to thank them for being a drop-site! Produce items will be just inside the door to the left (marked w/your name). For meat / poultry / eggs ask cashier for your order - items are stored in their freezer / fridge.

You are responsible for showing up during the above time window. If you have any questions, send us a mail @ hello@barn2door.com.

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Hogstead is a local, family farm offering pork, chicken, eggs, and veggies. Only 30 minutes from Seattle! We are WSDA Certified Organic and utilize sustainable practices. Great pork results from the right genetics, environment and feed. At Hogstead, our hogs are born on farm and complete their happy healthy life under our care. Our pigs come from three breeds: Glouchestershire Old Spot, Hereford and Berkshire. We feed organic grain from our local mill, spent brew grain from a local brewery, excess vegetables from our organic garden and pasture/forage.