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Red Ranger Chicken

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Our Red Ranger chickens go beyond your typical grocery-store bird. Raised humanely on fresh daily pasture, these birds grow more slowly than the typical commercial chicken. They lead healthy, active lives and eat high-quality Northwest-sourced feed free from Corn, Soy, and GMOs (in addition to all the goodies they pick up in the grass!). Yes, you can taste the difference! Suffer bland, tasteless chicken no more -- these birds are packed with flavor and nutrition. To best enjoy the rich tastes and textures of these birds, we advise customers to employ some cooking tips that can be found at our website:


Certifications: No certifications currently listed.

Practices: Pasture Raised

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Horseradish Ranch

Horseradish Ranch

Our ranch is located in the scenic Columbia River Gorge, at the foot of Mount Adams. Our mission is to increase food independence and regional resiliency in the Gorge and the Northwest, bringing you sources of protein and calorie-rich storage crops through historic farming practices such as dry farming, no-till soil management, and hardy, heritage-breed livestock. We emphasize the importance of regenerating our land and ecosystem, and are committed to providing gmo-free, clean foods with crop and animals rotations that build soil fertility, don't deplete our water resources, and encourage biodiversity. Please visit our website to learn more!