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100% natural grass fed lamb. With this whole lamb cut option, you will get rack of lamb, leg of lamb, lamb shanks, boneless shoulder roast, lamb chops, lamb kebab meat, and ground lamb. Custom cuts may be available upon request, please contact us for more information. You pay a $100 non-refundable deposit now. When lambs are weighed and butchered in the Fall or early Winter we will send you a link to pay the full price of the lamb minus the deposit. You will take home about 40 lbs of meat. The cost is $5.50/lb carcass weight plus $180 USDA processing fee for a total of around $450. Pick-up/delivery dates will be arranged when lambs are butchered in the late Fall or Winter. Free on farm pick-up. Seattle, Spokane, and Wenatchee pick-up available for a fee. Pick-up dates are an approximation - As we get closer we will arrange a specific pick-up date with you in a follow up email.


Certifications: USDA Inspected Processed Meat

Practices: Rotationally Grazed, Grass Finished, Grass Fed

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BCS Livestock will deliver this offer on Saturday, January 26th to your restaurant or home. Delivery will cost $25.00. This seller delivers for free on orders totalling $2000.00 or more.

Delivery is supported to these zip codes: 98862, 98856, 98112, 98102, 98109, 98119, 98199, 98195, 98105, 98107, 98103, 98117, 98125, 98133, 98177, 98006, 98040, 98004, 98039, 98007, 98008, 98052, 98033, 98801, 98802

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BCS Livestock

We raise high quality natural 100% grass fed lamb and wool products. We use a holistic management style to ensure our livestock are healthy and happy while improving the health of the land we utilize. EMAIL: BCSLivestock@gmail.com PHONE: 509.996.3159