Your Farm Everywhere

Promote your Farm seamlessly across web, social, email, mobile.

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Fast & Friendly Ordering

Your customers can place orders anytime - even when you’re not available! Want to see how easy it is to order? Watch this video on ordering in just 30 seconds.


Real-time Inventory

Your inventory updates automatically with every order.

Automate Communications

Automate order reminders, delivery reminders, pick and pack lists, and receipts

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Customer Tracking

Automate Customer list building, group and custom emails, one-click order history.

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Manage Pricing Tiers

Offer different pricing to different customers - wholesale, retail, custom.

Get Paid Faster

Accept and track credit, debit, ACH, paper checks, cash or deposits.


Ready to streamline orders, payments and promote your brand?  


We help setup your inventory, profile, delivery, customers. We design and build your beautiful website (and / or app)! We setup online ordering across channels (web, social, email, mobile)

You continue to farm, harvest and deliver products to your customers on time. You watch the orders come in and enjoy the extra time and money!

Request a demo to get a 15 minute overview to answer your questions.