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  • Chefs order from local farms using Barn2Door.
  • 1 in 2 consumers prefer online shopping.
  • Increase convenience for your buyers – they can shop from you 24/7.
  • To save you time.
  • Help your business: track sales, bank deposits, customers, and orders.
  • Integrated with social media.
  • Gain access to incoming ‘food requests’ from buyers near you.


  • Read Section ‘What Can I Sell on Barn2Door’?
  • Watch video for setting up CSA Offers
  • Watch video for pre-selling food for pickup at Farmer’s Markets
  • Contact us directly if you are interested in restaurant sales
  • Contact us directly for examples of selling custom meats (e.g. whole, half shares).


  1. Create an account @
  2. Create your store @
  3. List items for sale @
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