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  • Businesses and consumers expect to shop online
  • 3 in 4 people shop via mobile
  • People look at their phones 3+ hours a day (be there!)
  • Chefs want their go-to farms right on their phone
  • Consumers want their go-to farms right on their phone
  • Give customers 24/7 shop-and-buy access
  • Best-of-class ongoing customer engagement
  • Strengthen your brand - your Farm App aggregates your social, content, info, ecommerce
  • New leads: we match customer food requests with local suppliers (you!)
  • Manage 1 inventory which populates up to 4 stores / sites at once!
  • Flash Sales! Auto-text all shoppers when you post last minute sales!


  • Sell locally - add zip codes you deliver to and / or specific pickup locations
  • Sell locally - be discovered by anyone shopping in your delivery / pickup zip codes
  • Sell locally - you choose when and where - and communicate days, times, locations
  • Sell locally - invite anyone / everyone to download your Farm App for direct anytime access to you, your food and your farm!
  • Sell nationally - choose direct shipping to any or all states


  • Sell fruit, vegetables, nuts, grains, meat, seafood, dairy, flowers, wool, poultry, honey, non-food items, branded items and more!
  • Sell food for pickup (E.g. farmer market, coffee shop, CSA)
  • Sell custom meats (e.g. whole, half shares) w/ deposits + hanging weight
  • Offer sale items, bulk sales and volume discounts


  1. Create an account @
  2. Create your store @
  3. Add items for sale - keep inventory up-to-date (auto-upload and auto-repost options) @
  4. Invite and manage your customers here @ and via your Farm App
  5. Include fulfillment information: pickup sites, local delivery zip codes, and / or direct shipping
  6. Manage up to 3 store views, giving access according to buyer type (wholesale, consumer, special)
  7. Engage customers across communications: text, phone, email and custom alerts
  8. Automate purchase reminders
  9. Share food-for-sale on social feeds (one-click-sharing!)
  10. Encourage current new customers to download your Farm App
  11. Track orders & fulfillment @
  12. Track payments & deposits @
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