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Frequently asked questions
  • How do I begin selling on Barn2Door?
    Create an account by entering your email and password. You will be prompted to add your credit card [to pay $10/month to use Barn2Door for your direct sales], enter the input the last four digits of your social security # and list food for sale (called 'offers'). For more information read Sellers Getting Started.
  • How do I manage local sales?
    Farmers share local delivery routes, days, drops, zip codes and locations based on what works best for them. You may also set multiple zip codes for sales and delivery 'to restaurants only'. To manage local sales, indicate 1. what food is for sale, 2. delivery and / or pick up details and 3. share your store directly with your customers (so they can readily shop from your farm).
  • How do I sell both online and locally?
    With your Barn2Door webstore you can manage local sales and distribution and / or list offers for shipping across the USA. Track all customer orders, requests, conversations, sales history and fulfillment in one simple interface.
  • I have a website but I don’t sell food through it. Can I connect them?
    Yes. You can send us a request for a ‘Shop My Store’ button, so visitors to your website can see what you have for sale in your webstore.
  • I already sell food on my own website. Can I also have a webstore on Barn2Door?
    Yes. We will provide you with a ‘Shop My Store’ button, so visitors to your website can click on the button to start shopping!
  • Is there a markup on my food?
    No. We do not markup, add fees or take a cut of the food you sell. There is a 3.5% payments fee to cover credit card / refund / deposit processing and hosting fees. You can also elect to have customers pay by paper check.
  • Is there a setup fee?
    There is no setup fee. You pay just $10/month and can cancel anytime.
  • How and When do I get paid?
    We want it to be easy for your customers to pay you! You can offer pay by credit card or pay by check (via postal mail or upon delivery). Checks go right to you; for your customers that pay by credit card, those funds will be directly deposited into your bank account. Officially we pay sellers net 30 after delivery of goods, but it is typically much sooner (within 1-2 weeks).
  • How do sellers get paid?
    Barn2Door uses Stripe for buyer credit card processing, payment to sellers, and support for related transactions such as refund management. We use Stripe to directly deposit payment to sellers' bank accounts.
  • What is Stripe?
    Stripe is the partner we use to process credit card transactions; they are a standard payment solution across large online marketplaces. Stripe is a certified as a Level 1 Service provider - the most stringent certification re: security, privacy and compliance.
  • What types of payment do you accept?
    Buyers can purchase your food and products via pay by check and with all major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Diners Club, and American Express. If you'd like to request a different form of payment, please contact us.
  • What does it cost me to have my own webstore on Barn2Door?
    You pay a monthly fee to have your ongoing store. We do not markup, add fees or take a cut of the food you sell. You will only be charged 3.5% for the processing payment activities (credit cards, Stripe etc.). You set your own prices, and keep 96.5% of the proceeds from the food you sell.
  • I had a miscellaneous, small additional payment from Barn2Door. What is it?
    Barn2Door sometimes offers specials, discounts or promotions to encourage buyers to shop via Barn2Door (e.g. $10 off your first purchase). If buyers use a Barn2Door discount to buy food from your webstore, they paid less for your food than your listing price. You will receive two bank deposits: the first will be your food minus the discount (e.g. $10 less than your listing price), the second is Barn2Door issuing you a reimbursement for that $10 (so you get your listing price since we offered the promotion, not you). In other words, the $10 comes out of our pockets, not yours.
  • Which countries and currencies are usable with Barn2Door?
    For now, Barn2Door is available only across the United States (including Alaska and Hawaii). We look forward to expanding to additional countries and currencies.
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