Heifer Ranch

Heifer Ranch

55 Heifer Road
Perryville, AR 72126

Products sold: Meat, Poultry, Vegetables, Dairy & Eggs, Pantry, Non-Food Items, CSA, Garden, Events, Bakery

Heifer Ranch is a 1,200-acre working ranch and education center of Heifer International, and international non-profit fighting hunger and poverty through sustainable agriculture. Nestled in the foothills of the Ouachita Mountains, the Ranch posts 3-ares of certified organic year-round vegetables and six different kinds of livestock engaged in intensive rotational grazing and a grass-based nonGMO diet.
Certified Organic
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Certified Organic, American Grassfed, Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), USDA Inspected Poultry, USDA Inspected Processed Meat, USDA Inspected Raw Meat


Holistic Management, Rotationally Grazed, Integrated Pest Management, Grass Fed, Grass Finished, Pasture Raised, No-Till


American Pastured Poultry Producers

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