Burk Ridge Farms

Burk Ridge Farms

1594 W Badger rd
Custer , WA 98240

Products sold: Meat, Dairy & Eggs

Our Family owns and operates Burk Ridge Farms and controls every step of the animal raising and food making process. We calve, we grow, we finish, slaughter and process all of our meat right on the farm in our very own USDA butcher shop. We don't skip corners and aim to provide the best steaks and meats our customers have ever tasted. We only ever feed our beef grass and take them to an older age to ensure great marbling in our meat. We also dry age the entire carcass 3 weeks to ensure the best flavor and tenderness meat can have! Our pork products are fed organic, gmo-free, soy free grains from scratch and peck while they free range on pasture at our farm. Our Laying chickens are also fed the same, Organic, gmo-free, soy free grains for awesome egg quality!
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