Flashover farm

Flashover farm

3150 Waneta rd
grandview, WA 98930

Products sold: Meat, Poultry, Dairy & Eggs

we are a small acreage homestead that was started 100 years ago. We have the last 20 acres that we have turn 11 acres into our hay production that feeds our cows in the winter as well as hay that we sell. We have 2 3 acre rotational pastures that our Scottish Highland cows graze in the spring to fall months. We selected the Highlands for their ease of care but also the wonderful lean meat that they produce that is full of flavor and a joy to eat. We also raise our own pigs. We have selected Berkshire as our primary breed for their excellent meat quality. Our pigs are fed a barley pea diet that I make on the farm. We sell pigs from weaning age to market. We also have a small flock of chickens that free range the property and are fed a Non GMO diet to produce some of the best eggs we
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Holistic Management, Rotationally Grazed, No-Till, Integrated Pest Management, Grass Fed, Grass Finished


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