Fluit Family Farms

Fluit Family Farms

62331 Tucker Down Road
Joseph, OR 97846

Products sold: Meat

We are a small Organic Family farm located in the Beautiful High Mountain Wallowa Valley in North East Oregon. We grow certified organic Salad Bar grass pasture/hay, and raise Grass Finished beef and Heirloom Large Black pigs. The Rotokawa Devon breed came from New Zealand and were bred to thrive on grasses and forbs alone. They have not had any grain in their ancestry for over 80 years. Our Heritage Large Black pigs are grown on our organic pastures and supplemented with local grains. All of our cows and pigs are born and raised on our organic farm.All grains are Non GMO with no corn or soy. We also use Biodynamic methods on our farm. We believe you will find Fluit Family Farm’s beef and pork to be healthy and delicious!
Certified Organic
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Certified Organic


Biodynamic, Permaculture, Holistic Management, Rotationally Grazed, No-Till


The Cornucopia Institute

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