Attention Urban Farmers:
Want To Earn Some Extra Income?

While farmlands continue to thrive beyond the skyscrapers and concrete (aka 'the country'), there is a noticeable growing movement to have little pockets of farm fresh food in the city. It's true: city slickers are turning into city farmers. Urban farmers are cropping up (#pun) in cities across the country; colleges are teaching urban farming classes, groups are organizing and people are eating, well, better.

And who knew? Sometimes even urban farmers have a bounty. It is all relative: often urban farmers are growing food for a single family or gathering just enough eggs for their daily allowance... but end up with more than they can eat. Our CEO has an urban farm tucked in the Wallingford neighborhood of Seattle - she gave us a few examples: "the radishes are ready in concert, the beans keep climbing and producing, the oregano re-seeded itself... everywhere... and apparently one packet of Italian parsley seeds makes for a city-sized field."

What to do with the excess? This is a great example of what farmers deal with in the country - they grow glorious food and now have extra - and need to find people who want to buy it. Whether city or country grown, excess sustainably grown food should be consumed not wasted and easy to access - at Barn2Door our goal is to provide a place for folks to post their excess food for sale so people can easily find and buy it.

The fun for urban farmers? If people in your neighborhood search for food in your zip code - they will find you! You can list your food for pickup off your front porch (or delivery to their porch if you really want to go the extra mile).

At Barn2Door, we believe that regardless of where your particular lot of land is, you should have every opportunity possible to connect with a hungry, happy consumer base. Whether you’re beekeeping in your backyard, collecting eggs from your roosting hens, or growing that large, enviable garden (greenhouse anyone?) - any city slicker with a bit of a green thumb and food to harvest can have a free online store to showcase their bounty.

Interested? You can set up a storefront in less than 10 minutes, create a few offers, then choose to 1. share your store URL with neighbors and friends, OR 2. wait for folks to discover you via search by zip code, OR 3. list your store in neighborhood [Yahoo/Gmail/Facebook] Groups, OR 4. All of the above.

You can easily and directly manage sales, communications, customers, inventory and deliveries. If you don't love it - you can always shut down your store! (And if you don't have anything for sale in off-season - no worries just don't list anything - stores are only 'discovered' if they have current offers / items for sale).

Just think: urban farms just made farm-to-table *seriously* local - farm food within blocks? Now THAT is local. Sign. Us. Up. (And by US we mean YOU).

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