What Happens When You Transfer Your Website


Getting a new website can be scary! You may have your Farm’s domain name, high ranking search results, a custom email, and you don’t want to lose anything. Thankfully, our team at Barn2Door will ensure you maintain all those valuable assets and the brand credibility you’ve built. You don’t have to worry about losing anything. What’s most important to us is to improve your online presence to save you time, increase orders, and ultimately equip your Farm business with the tools to help it thrive.

This is why it’s important to make sure your website is up to par. We take great care to transfer your assets to the beautiful new websites we create with no negative impacts to your existing business. We’ve addressed some common questions below to help you understand how.

An example webpage

An example webpage

What’s the difference between a domain and my site?

Your web domain and your website are both connected, but are two different things. Your website is whatever someone sees on their computer screen.

Your website is an electronic file full of code. It’s kind of like a complicated Word Document. When people view your site, they temporarily download a copy of that file. The web browser they are using (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.) reads the code to display the webpage they see.

Your web domain (ex: yourfarm.com) is the way that a person’s computer finds and access the files that make up your website.

An example domain

An example domain

The file that is connected to your domain is full of code that makes up your website, which is stored in the “cloud” (with our third party web hosting service). A person’s computer trying to visit your site has to know where to look for the file. That’s where the web domain comes into play. It’s a lot like a phone number.

Do I get to keep my domain name?

Yes! As detailed above, your domain and website aren’t the same thing. We can take your domain, disconnect it from your current site (if you have one), and connect it to your new site. That means, by typing in the same web address, or URL, people will be able to reach your new site (ex: www.yourfarm.com).

dns transfer example.jpg

To allay any concerns, we generally transfer your domain in the background (without any impact to your current website). After the design of your website is complete, we then simply “swap” the files your web domain points to, so when someone enters your URL, they will see your new site on their screen. Pretty cool, huh?

Do I have to continue paying for my domain?

Yes. With your new Barn2Door site, you have two options for payment of your domain. The first option is to simply keep your domain where it is. You’ll keep paying for it just as you do now. The second option is to transfer it to Squarespace (where your Farm website will be built). Squarespace charges $20 a year for domains, which you would pay along with the annual payments for your site, to Barn2Door.

Will I lose my custom email?

No. Your custom email is connected to your domain (e.g. farmer@yourfarm.com is connected to yourfarm.com), not your website. As such, your email will stay completely unchanged through the transition to your new site. Like your domain, you will continue paying separately for your email service.

What does it cost for a custom email?

If you’re interested in getting a custom email (ex: instead of being farmer@gmail.com, you could have farmer@yourfarm.com), this can be set up through Squarespace. Note: a custom email is required if you are getting a custom Farm app.

Squarespace will set you up with a G-Suite email on the basic plan ($50 per user per year/$5 per month), which you will pay for along with your website, to Barn2Door. G-Suite emails are managed a lot like Gmail emails.

G Suite.png

Will I lose my search engine optimization?

Search engines like Google improve their search results by ranking websites. These rankings are caused by many factors, including traffic to your site, outside links to your site, etc. Search engine optimization (SEO) can take a long time to build. Thankfully, you keep it with your new site. We will set up your site so links from your old site still work (and redirect to new pages). This way, your search engine optimization stays the same.

SEO helps your website appear higher in search results.

SEO helps your website appear higher in search results.

What happens if I cancel with Barn2Door in a year?

If you elect to cancel with Barn2Door after your term is completed, we will freely transfer your “front-end” website to a personal Squarespace account (which you will then be responsible to manage and pay for). We will also transfer your Google Analytics account to your farm. When you cancel, you will be responsible for downloading all order and customer details (which is available within your Barn2Door account).

Everything else from Barn2Door on the back-end—order management, inventory, payments, customer management, and all website heat-mapping and navigation analysis tools—will be removed (since you are no longer paying for the service).


No need to be intimidated by transitioning to your new website to Barn2Door. Our team is eager to do the work on your behalf to ensure it all goes smoothly. If you have any questions at all, feel free to reach out. A member of our team will get back to you and walk you through everything.