Why would I want to use Barn2Door?

How much does it cost?

Will this take a lot of time to set up?

How do I get started?

Are there fees in addition to the monthly subscription?

How do my customers pay? What are the processing fees?

Do you markup the prices?

Do you take a percentage of my gross sales?

Do you collect and remit taxes on my sales?

How do I accept payments?

What is Stripe?

How long does it take for payments to post to my bank account?

What do you mean when you "automate marketing" for Farmers?

Can I use Barn2door to sell to both wholesale and consumers (with different prices)?

I already have a website but my customers cannot currently place orders on my website. Can you help with that?

I already sell food on my website. Why do I need Barn2Door?

What other Farms use Barn2Door?

Do you offer any special programs for US Veterans?

Which countries and currencies are usable with Barn2Door?

What happens if I transfer my website to Barn2Door?