No Time for Social Media? Here's What to Do


If you are reading this, you must realize—social media is a valuable marketing tool for your Farm. Customers spend hours every day scrolling on their social accounts. In a recent study conducted by Pew Research Center, it was determined that 84% of online shoppers review at least one social media site before making a purchase. Pause here for a moment. Your customers want to see you actively posting to social media. It helps them make purchasing decisions. This information is impossible to ignore if you’d like to grow your business.

People use their phones to scroll through social media at every opportunity.

People use their phones to scroll through social media at every opportunity.

You have no time—we hear this every day from Farmers across America. Yet, you realize the opportunity available to your Farm through social media marketing. Consumers are more likely to trust businesses who are active in the “places” they spend time: Facebook and Instagram. Believe it or not, it is possible to make a habit of posting to social media in less time than you think. Below are three straightforward suggestions to inspire you to “find time” to post.


Do you have a morning routine? For most of us, it’s to splash water on our faces and then head straight to the coffee maker. Whether you sit down for 5 minutes every morning or a full half hour, this is surely enough time to take your phone out and post to social media. Between sips, you can share a photo you might have taken while working the previous day. Maybe it’s a photo of your hand in the soil, or of a Farmhand guiding your hogs into a new pasture. The point is: in less than a minute, you can open up the Facebook or Instagram app on your phone, select the photo you want to share, and write a simple caption with a clear call to action. You might write, “the rutabaga are growing beautifully! Preorder a batch now by clicking the link in our bio.” It can really be that simple. Once you get set up to sell direct to your customers online, it will be easy for them to purchase in one simple “click.”


Speaking of moving your hogs to new pastures, you have to eat too! Let’s say you are walking in from the fields to grab lunch. While strolling toward your kitchen you can easily pull up your social media apps on your phone and write about what you did that morning. Remember: your posts do not need to be elaborate. People care about what you are doing at your Farm, and customers care to know about the food they are eating. A person is more likely to buy from you if they see you sharing insights about your practices and why they lead to the highest quality food. So go ahead and make that connection for your customers. Show them what you did today. Snap a picture, describe in a short blurb what’s happening, and tell customers how they can buy from you—again, they should be able to order from you directly through their phones. This is another reason it is critical that your Farm website be optimized for mobile devices.

Does this inspire any closeup shots of what you are harvesting?

Does this inspire any closeup shots of what you are harvesting?


Hopefully it’s becoming clear—it won’t take too much time for you to upkeep your social media accounts! Our last suggestion for how to “find time” is another simple idea. When you take a moment to pause and stretch in between Farm operational tasks, pull out your phone and share a quick photo. You can share while you are on the move throughout your day. Maybe you are even pausing to stretch your back for a minute. Take one more minute and share a photo, too. If you post once a day, or even three times a week, this is enough for you to improve your Farm’s brand credibility and begin accessing a broader customer base.

Of course, there are additional tips for truly mastering the basics of social media. There are best practices for posting to Facebook as well as a separate set of recommendations for using Instagram successfully for your Farm marketing. That being said, there are certain “hacks” that can help you save time while improving your approach. You can even connect your Instagram to your Facebook so that your posts automatically share across platforms. The idea is: if you can find a 1-2 minute window in your day, that is plenty of time to post to social media.


We recommend reviewing our resources to learn more about how to find and attract more local customers by using Facebook and Instagram. We have conducted several Facebook Lives on these topics, and are always creating new content to help your Farm grow.

Feel free to reach out to your Farm Success Manager if you have specific questions or need help planning your social media strategy. Don’t have a Farm Success Manager yet? Request a demo with us. Our team regularly takes calls with Farmers who are looking to discuss how they might increase orders and save time. We welcome learning more about the work you are doing on your land!