Save Time and Increase Sales with Self-Service Ordering


For every customer who starts using self-service ordering, a Farmer can save 5-15 minutes per order. That adds up! The traditional ordering process is disruptive to a Farmer’s regular operations (and dinner time).

The solution is here, and it’s called self-service ordering online. Here’s what you need to know to grow your Farm business and save time in the process.

Don’t let customer orders interrupt mealtime with your family!

Don’t let customer orders interrupt mealtime with your family!


Think about it. Every customer needs to know: (i) what products you have today, (ii) how much of that product is available for purchase, (iii) where and when to arrange for delivery or pickup, (iv) how to pay for it, and then each customer needs a (v) receipt or invoice to record the purchase.

The “typical” order often involves numerous calls, voicemails, texts, emails or Facebook messages. Many times, the Farmer is left waiting for days or weeks to receive actual payment for their products.

For any Farmer with livestock that time is compounded. For any customer who wants to order custom cuts using a conventional cut sheet, for instance, there are a number of additional steps for livestock that add up to even more time for each customer order.

Regardless of your products, it’s difficult to keep track of all your orders and customer details using traditional, manual processes. The “old way” of doing things may have worked before, but to increase sales and grow your business, you’ll need to look for a more efficient model for your Farm (and meet the expectations of your customers).


Your time is valuable. Assembling a “fresh sheet” or a newsletter of “what’s available” on a regular basis is time consuming and  can get long and complex. Not only does it take time to individually respond to every order that comes in, but it’s likely you are fielding a lot of calls regarding custom inquiries and requests.  Orders can pile up and take time to sort through, tally, transpose workable numbers, and to organize your pick and pack lists.

Your customers, too, expect ordering to be easy and convenient. With 9 out of 10 adults ordering online every month, your customers are receiving more care and attention online from consumer brands who make it easy to place an order anytime, anywhere. Is your Farm keeping up?

If you are thinking, “there’s GOT to be a better way,” there is. Your life can be much easier if you offer self-service ordering. 92% of consumers prefer self-service ordering when they have a trusted relationship with a vendor. Your Farm has already earned the trust of your customers, so offering this capability allows your customers to simply go online and place their order from your custom Farm website. Additionally, improving your experience online will help you reach and attract new customers.

At Barn2Door, we power your Farm’s online orders. It’s your brand, and your customers—we are the technical solution and team helping to save you time. We even go so far as to provide real-time “chat” support on your Farm store to help you close more business.

The more efficient your business processes, the more profitable your Farm can be. By updating your ordering system you will save yourself time, make buying more convenient for your customers, and save many a logistical headache.


Customers want to buy local, but your Farm needs to be accessible to potential customers across all “routes to purchase.” You have to make it easy to discover and purchase from your Farm on the web, mobile and social. When you do update your online ordering system, you can make it more convenient for buyers AND increase your sales outright. Additionally, many of our Farmers have been thrilled to increase their average order value, with a minimum order amount to qualify for “free” delivery or “volume” discounts. As a result, customers will add more products to their “shopping cart” online to capitalize on these opportunities (and your Farm increases sales).

Self-service ordering allows customers to buy from you 24/7.

Self-service ordering allows customers to buy from you 24/7.

Today, many customers “bounce” (exit) from a Farm’s website when asked to download a PDF or to fill out a “form” to place an order. In the digital age, your customers are always just a few seconds away from making a new purchase on their phones; your Farm may have to update your online presence to offer “self-service ordering” to compete.

We care a great deal about supporting ethical, sustainable Farms and that’s why we offer our subscription service to facilitate all of your technological needs—and we make it easier than you could imagine. Many Farmers are daunted by the prospect of updating current systems they’ve been using for years, decades, or even for generations (shoutout to all our multi-generational family Farms).

The buyer landscape has changed radically, however, and the bottom line is: customers will always choose convenience. That’s why we want to equip your Farm with the ability to be a convenient option for local food in your community. It is possible for you to sell to local customers with ease and efficiency. At Barn2Door, we can help.

Bottom line: the work you are doing is important and you deserve the support to help your business excel.


Are you ready to implement self-service ordering? Set up a time to speak with one of our team members today. We can get you set up with a custom Farm website and self-service ordering in less than 30 days. Our success team is dedicated to creating a lasting relationship with you to help your Farm business thrive.