Barn2Door, Inc. Requirements for Sellers


The following practices are required of all sellers posting food for sale on Barn2Door (B2D).

We reserve the right to suspend sellers in our sole judgment, with or without notice, who do not comply with Barn2Door quality standards and practices. If anyone suspects a seller is not following B2D best practices, we encourage any Barn2Door user to contact us.

We appreciate sellers who value heirloom seeds and heritage breeds, actively work to increase biodiversity, care for their environment and living conditions of animals, and strive to make their farm ecosystem as healthy as possible.

Barn2Door strongly advocates for non-GMO foods and inputs. Genetically engineered seeds, plants or products are not allowed for sale on Barn2Door. That said, we appreciate non GMO feed inputs are sometimes difficult to validate or ascertain... For example, animal feed inputs may include restaurant / bakery / grocery extras (a good sustainable practice), and ingredients cannot be identified as organic quality or GMO free. Sellers may sell those animals on Barn2Door but must expressly state all feed inputs. Non-compliant items will be suspended.

Without exception, all animals for sale on Barn2Door should not be given hormones and should not receive routine antibiotics - antibiotics typically used to offset substandard feed quality and living conditions. As a rule, animals should have adequate space to express natural behaviors and shelter from weather and predators.

All seafood should meet 'Green - Best Choice' practices according to Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Best Choice Seafood Watch program.


In addition to Barn2Door's General Quality Standards and Practices, some food categories require further clarification. Sellers must comply with practices per food category. Note: some food items have varying requirements for storage, sale and transportation per state (e.g. raw milk, eggs, frozen meat, preserved goods). All Barn2Door sellers maintain sole and exclusive responsibility for compliance with all applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations pertaining to their specific food product, including, but not limited to, handling, packaging, transit, temperature controls and disclosures.


Birds must be pastured; this includes free ranging or in pens with adequate space for running, jumping, foraging and other natural behaviors. No-debeaking practices or synthetic yolk colorants are allowed. Fresh grit, dust bath areas, supplemental feed and shelter from predators should be available. Waterfowl should have access to clean water deep enough to submerge their head.


Livestock raised for meat purposes must be grass-fed and ideally, grass-finished. We recognize that some consumers prefer grain-finished livestock - IF there is grain supplementation (grain-finished is allowed - grain-fed is not allowed) sellers must be transparent ‘to the grain’. This means listing any / all grain inputs, specification of brands, origins, practices, quality and duration of grain-finishing. Any supplements, hay or other inputs must be communicated per item. Livestock should be rotated regularly, humanely treated, and always have access to fresh water.


Cows should be grass-fed and pastured. Any supplements, hay or other inputs must be clearly communicated per item. Cattle should be rotated regularly and always have access to fresh water. A limited amount of grain is acceptable, but never more than 6% of their daily intake (all inputs must be identified and communicated to customers, see Beef Cattle above).


Pigs are often fed scraps and food waste. We understand it is hard to determine if scraps are non-GMO or organic quality. Because buyers deserve transparency: without exception, all feed inputs, including but not limited to restaurant / bakery / grocery extras (a good sustainable practice), must be clearly stated per item. Further, all feed and inputs must be communicated including but not limited to feed brands, origins, practices and quality.


Honey and syrup must be harvested from treatment-free bees and trees (no pesticides); all honey and syrup must be 100% pure and must contain no additives, diluents, colorants or sugars.


Barn2Door invites you to sell food grown, harvested and minimally processed direct from your boat, farm, garden or ranch. Besides food farmed and foraged, producers may also sell a handful of non-food items (see Non-Food Items, below). We will continue to review additional products for approval. Products that do not meet Barn2Door requirements will be removed, and will no longer appear in your store. Please contact us with questions or product recommendations.


Farms often have by-products they can craft into value-added products and goods with an eye toward 1. extending their selling season, 2. expanding their product offering of 3. resourcefully using all parts of an animal. Examples might be crafting jams or dried fruit leather, making cheese from goat milk, yarn from wool or soap from tallow. Some of these items are not food. We want to support the viability of sustainable food producers by also allowing the sale of non-food items. Non-food items such as flowers, plant starts, trees, firewood, wreaths, compost, livestock feed, wool, soap, candles, farm dinners, hides and bones are allowed. Please contact us to inquire about additional items not listed here.


All fruit, vegetables, mushrooms and plant products are acceptable. These on-farm items may be fresh or minimally processed (e.g dried, frozen, preserved). Examples include but are not limited to: frozen berries, dried mushrooms, dried herbs, pureed fruit, jam or jelly. IF using ingredients from other farms to make preserves or add to your CSA, please list farms and make sure they abide by Barn2Door farming standards and practices.


Fresh, frozen, dried and canned seafood are acceptable if harvested by or for the producer / fisher represented in that producer's store. Filets and whole fish, jerky, roe, smoked seafood and lox are welcome. If you want to sell variable weight items / seafood, please contact us directly.


In addition to fresh milk, cream and eggs, dairy products made by the producer may be sold on Barn2Door. Cheese, butter, yogurt, kefir and other fermented and aged dairy products are allowed if they are made specifically using a single farm's milk, with the intention of being sold by the farmer. Dairy products from third party producers are not allowed.


We welcome the sale of poultry by the cut or by the whole bird. At this time, sellers should set a flat price for the item. We plan to support sales of poultry with variable weight in the future.


Sellers are welcome to list meats by the cut or by shares of an animal. Sellers can set a flat price for a share of the animal (1/4 share of beef, 1/2 hog) OR ask for a deposit (we charge final hanging weight separately - email us for more info). Please include all slaughter and butcher fees in the price of posted meat and / or include butcher contact info in your item details. Dried meat jerky and sausage(s) without additives are allowed (e.g. no corn syrup or pineapple juice allowed; dried herbs and salt and pepper are acceptable - contact us for more info).


Honey and syrups are allowed provided they contain no additives. Other edible products from the hive are also allowed (i.e. bee pollen, comb, propolis). Other shelf-stable pantry items include but are not limited to seeds, nuts, grains, pickles, kimchi, flour (milling is allowed), jams, dried herbs.

ALLOWABLE OFF-FARM INGREDIENTS: citric acid, organic citrus, vinegar, honey, sugar, real maple syrup, Pomona’s pectin, rennet, bacteria cultures, organic spices, salt and pepper. Sellers must include ingredient details per item or items will be removed. If you want to include an ingredient not currently outlined in ‘allowed’ or ‘never allowed’ ingredients, please email us.

NEIGHBORING FARM INGREDIENTS: if you are making value-added products on your farm and want to add off-farm ingredients from other farms, please contact us. We approve these (and fold them into our terms) on a case by case basis.

NEVER ALLOWED INGREDIENTS: corn syrup, nitrites, sodium (MSG), flavor enhancers, food coloring or dyes.



Barn2Door officially pays Net 30 Days from Delivery or Shipment date. That said, Barn2Door strives to pay sellers early in that window (average payment is Net 7 days from Delivery or Shipment). Barn2Door pays sellers through our payment processor, Stripe. For security and prompt payment, a valid US bank account is required for Stripe to issue payments to sellers.


Barn2Door is using Stripe to enable payment processing services for sellers; please refer to the Stripe account terms for details, including Stripe terms of service. Sellers on Barn2Door will need to agree to the Stripe Services Agreement (note: Stripe may modify its agreement from time to time). As a condition of Barn2Door enabling payment processing services through Stripe, sellers will need to: 1. agree to provide Barn2Door accurate and complete information about you and your business, and 2. authorize Barn2Door to share with Stripe general and transaction information related to your use of the payment processing services.

Stripe will periodically issue Internal Revenue Service Form 1099-K's to sellers with annual sales of more than $20,000, to facilitate sellers' accounting and tax preparation. In order to verify seller identification, and prepare and issue 1099-K's, Barn2Door is required to ask sellers for their tax identification number (EIN or SSN). Incorrect information provided by sellers may delay Stripe's ability to issue 1099’s in a timely fashion.


Barn2Door enforces high quality standards for food, product and service quality. Food producers who sell food on Barn2Door are held at a high standard including but not limited to employing sustainable practices, and providing transparency on all food, animal and soil inputs. Barn2Door requires sellers to stand behind every product offered for sale in their store(s).

Sellers agree to provide high customer service to their buyers, to seek their trust and satisfaction through quality products, practices and information, and to comply the Barn2Door customer satisfaction policy. Barn2Door enforces transparency, trust and good service; we want customers to shop confidently and to be happy with every order they receive from a Barn2Door seller.

Sellers who stand behind their product may occasionally need to provide a refund to their customers. Please email us in the event you need to facilitate a refund. Here is a partial list of instances where sellers would be responsible for providing a partial or full refund: the customer is unhappy with the quality of the product. It wasn’t fresh, was damaged in some way, was not delivered on time, and / or wasn’t represented accurately in the seller’s item posting. Examples:

  • The customer is unhappy with the quality of the product. It wasn’t fresh, was damaged in some way, or wasn’t represented accurately in the seller’s item posting.

  • The seller didn't fulfill the order as promised. For example, the quantity or weight of the product was less than promised or some/all of the order was inaccurately fulfilled.

  • There was a problem with the pickup or delivery of product that caused the customer to be unhappy with the service they received.

  • Communication with the customer wasn’t prompt, complete and / or courteous. The interaction with the seller left the customer with questions or doubts about Barn2Door's commitment to providing excellent service.

At its discretion, Barn2Door has the ability to manually adjust for the cost of a return.



To leverage Barn2Door's technology solution for your farm, simply pay a monthly or annual subscription (see pricing details). There are no markups. For all direct credit card or debit card sales, Sellers will be charged 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction. For all ACH direct deposit sales Sellers will be charged 1%. There are no fees paid by the Seller for cash or check sales on delivery.

Buyers are responsible to pay a one-percent (1%) Service Fee on all transactions consummated through Barn2Door, regardless of payment method (credit, debit, ACH, cash or check on delivery). For credit, debit and ACH transactions, Barn2Door will collect the Service Fee at the time the order is consummated. For all cash or check transactions, Barn2Door will send a final invoice to the Buyer inclusive of the 1% Service, which the Seller agrees to collect on behalf of Barn2Door. Once per month, Barn2Door will withdrawal any and all accumulated Service Fees for cash and check transaction in a calendar month from the Seller’s bank account on record with the Company (in the Seller’s Barn2Door Profile).


Subscribers pay monthly and can cancel at anytime (30 day cancellation policy). Subscribers that pay annual can choose [at the end of their annual subscription] to renew annual, not renew or move to monthly payments.


Sellers set their own prices on Barn2Door. Sellers will have the option to add separate, additional fee(s) for direct delivery or shipping. Barn2Door recognizes that some food producers may sell across multiple ecommerce and online channels, including their own web store or other websites. Barn2Door requires B2D prices (including special promos, items or special discounts) match or be less than prices listed on all other online sites.


Barn2Door provides sellers with tools to manage their customer engagement including but not limited to direct communications, customer sales history, social sharing and the choice of creating private items to specific customers. Sellers can add customers by email or invitation, or simply share their store url across social channels and in newsletters. Sellers benefit from being part of a marketplace where shoppers go to buy local and online farm food (think of it as ‘foot traffic’). Each person that buys from your online store will automatically be added to your customer list. Barn2Door complies with industry standard best practices re: customer privacy. Buyers can unsubscribe from receiving information from Barn2Door and / or from specific sellers at anytime.


Barn2Door takes quality standards, compliance and our promise to buyers and sellers very seriously. We audit the accuracy of farming practices and product certifications, and continually build accountability, quality controls and compliance into our platform.

Sellers sell directly to their customers through a store they set up and manage on Barn2Door. Sellers are solely responsible for the accuracy of their profile, as well as all information in items and about their products, including applicable legal and regulatory disclosure that may pertain to their products. Barn2Door requires full disclosure regarding soil, farm and feed inputs to best promote transparency and trust between buyers and sellers.

Third party certifications (e.g. Certified Organic, Non-GMO Project and Animal Welfare Approved) have strict requirements including transparency on a product by product basis. Sellers must be clear if certain practices and certifications are per product, or if they extend to the entirety of a seller’s operation.

To support our commitment to sustainability, Barn2Door reserves the right to immediately suspend any item if we believe the product information or farming practices listed may not be accurate or exhaustive. Any seller who knowingly misrepresents their farming practices or product certifications will not be permitted to sell on Barn2Door.

Barn2Door is honored to support sellers who work hard to provide their customers the highest quality, sustainably-produced food.