New ‘Scheduler’ from Barn2Door: Unlimited pickups, deliveries, shipping, zones and more!


With the increasing number of farms we serve, it has become clear that there is a vast range of delivery and pickup schedules across farmers. Some farmers’ schedules are straightforward (weekly deliveries on Fridays or a Farmer Market every Saturday), while others’ Schedules are quite complex (pre-order turkeys for Thanksgiving, hogs for pickup every other month, last-minute delivery into town, Every other Sunday except holidays, the 2nd Monday of the month to north-end customers etc.).

Farmers’ Schedules often need to be adjusted - or new options added. One thing is true: no two farmers’ schedules are alike!

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To accommodate the scheduling needs of the farmers we serve - and so farmers can offer unique and changing pickup and delivery options to various customers (across retail, wholesale and private buying groups) - we have redesigned how Schedules are managed.

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Even your Turkeys can have their own unique pickup or delivery options: pre-order now for on-farm pickup (retail) or direct delivery (wholesale only!) the Monday and Tuesday of Thanksgiving week! Customers buying turkeys would see their options and select their preferred delivery or pickup as they checkout / complete their purchase.

Our goal is to make it easy for you to manage your logistics at a ‘master level’ - whether it stays the same or quickly changes - all while saving you time.

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What stays the same?

  • You add your delivery and pickup options so customers can ‘select’ their preferred delivery or pickup option at check-out.

  • Customers (and farmers!) will get an automatic delivery / pickup email reminder 24 hours before the scheduled delivery / pickup!

  • You can still take orders today, and offer pickup or delivery options for months in the future (e.g., accept deposits for turkeys).

  • You can continue to prescribe “order cut-off” times for each pickup or delivery option.

  • You can still have as many pickup locations and delivery zones as you’d like!

  • You can still add ‘to be arranged’ for a specific delivery zone or pickup location.

  • You can still offer pickup locations or direct delivery to all customers or alter the options based on specific customer groups.

  • While there is now a ‘master’ schedule you can still edit availability of specific items for specific locations (e.g. vegetables for on-farm pickup but pork only for pick-up from the butcher).

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What is new?

  1. You can alter a Schedule at a master level and it automatically updates across all items for that Schedule.

  2. You can add any custom Schedule you would like for one, some or all of your items.

  3. You can have multiple Schedules for different items or different customer groups (happy to walk you through this, based on custom needs of your farm).

  4. New ‘Schedules’ Tab to quickly edit and view your Schedules - see Schedules in list view or calendar view.

  5. New ‘Schedules’ column on your Inventory tab to indicate what items belong to what Schedule(s).

Video Tutorials Coming Soon

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