Increase Your Farm Sales with a Clear Marketing Strategy


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What do we mean by a “clear marketing strategy”? That’s just a way to say it’s important to be targeted and consistent in your Farm’s marketing messaging and methodology. You have a large percentage of customers who don’t even know that buying direct from you is an option—it’s more convenient for them, at this point, to head to the grocery store or order online from a different business with a better website and user experience.

What a shame, right? You don’t want to miss out for lack of putting a system in place to increase awareness of your Farm in your target markets. Let’s review how to increase sales with a clear marketing strategy for your Farm.

How are you organizing your marketing efforts?

How are you organizing your marketing efforts?


There are some common blockers that prevent Farms from reaching their customers successfully. If you are receiving orders through phone calls, emails, text messages and Facebook messenger, this is a divided strategy (so to speak) and will be difficult to manage with ease and efficiency. Your customers expect a more convenient buying experience.

To begin with, it’s important to have all product details, payment options and delivery preferences, in one place. Your customers want an easy option for selecting their delivery or pickup options at the time of purchase (hint: trading messages with you is not easy or convenient). When you can access all customer orders and information in one place, then it’s much easier to coordinate your sales and make your marketing repeatable. Remember, if it’s repeatable, it’s scaleable! We offer data-informed, customized suggestions to our Farmers so they can utilize their channels more effectively.

It can be difficult to keep track of seemingly disparate information about your business. Not to mention that it’s a big job to run marketing operations for your Farm, especially if you are out there doing the dirty work much of the day. This is why it’s worth considering how to track your customer orders and make it repeatable to save time and increase order volume potential.


Rather than tracking orders by fielding phone calls, text messages, emails, and Facebook Messenger queries from your customers, we can set you up with an easy-to-use online store so they can order in one place. Best of all, we can integrate your Farm store across your web, mobile, social and email, so all your customers navigate to the same ordering experience. You should be able to accept pre-orders on your produce and/or advance deposits on your cuts with just a few clicks of a button.

Another way to deliver a clear marketing message is to have a link strategy involved with your Facebook, Instagram, and website. It doesn’t need to be too complex. By creating a clear pathway for your customers to continually discover more about your Farm’s brand and to engage with your content, they are more likely to buy more (and tell their friends to do so, too!). Our Farm Success Managers will work with you to ensure your messaging is consistent across all platforms, and that all roads lead back to ordering online. It’s worth educating yourself on best practices on Facebook and Instagram so you know what to share as you plan your messaging.

Is your Facebook business page set up? Is there a “shop now” call to action?

Is your Facebook business page set up? Is there a “shop now” call to action?


Ideally, customers should have a clear path to access your online store and buy products NOW, either on your Farm’s Facebook page or your Farm’s website. Consider the channels you are currently using and ask yourself—is the messaging consistent? Is the energy and heart you put into growing and harvesting on your Farm coming across in all your marketing activity? Your Farm’s brand voice is what your customers are listening to online. The messaging and imagery you use is how you create your online community and it’s how you showcase your products and tell your story. Assuming you have already done the groundwork of identifying your target customer, you can make a lot of headway just by posting regularly on social media and allowing customers to access your inventory across channels.

Bottom line? Successful Farms invest in a marketing strategy that is clear and consistent across all channels. Systematically, a Farm should thoughtfully sequence, execute and engage potential buyers across each platform with messages that are clear and consistent. Your messages and “calls-to-action” should all ladder up to the same outcome—placing orders from your Farm.


These are only a few of the touchpoints that ensure your Farm’s approach drives sales. If you have any questions about how to streamline your sales process and integrate your marketing efforts, schedule a time to talk with one of our dedicated team members. We would welcome learning more about your Farm.

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In the meantime, we hope this article has helped you think a little more deeply about how to execute a clean, cohesive marketing strategy to increase sales conversions for your Farm.

Be sure to read “5 Secrets to Increase Orders from Your Farm” to become more well versed on what you need to do to maximize orders. We are here to support your Farm’s success!